Tomato Corn Salsa

We were in Connecticut last weekend which meant that almost everything we ate was prepared on the grill. As city dwellers, we don’t have the space for a grill, so we relish any chance we get to barbecue. Heather and Jeff came over on Saturday and we spent the most delightful day grazing on grilled clams, shrimp, squash, turkey burgers and pizza with pesto and roasted red peppers. Throw in guacamole, fried squash blossoms and a beet salad and it was a veritable feast indeed—made better by the fact that most of the bounty came from local farm stands. I about lost my mind when we arrived in CT and I discovered a new farm stand situated between Bud’s Fish Market (which had the best sea scallops I’ve had in a long time) and a gas station in Branford. Their baskets were brimming with tomato, corn, berries, summer squash and more. I didn’t want to leave!

As my eyes are often bigger than my stomach, I had a good amount of leftovers at the end of the weekend, especially corn. An idea for corn salsa began brewing. I was about to head down to the Jersey shore to spend a couple of days on the beach with my friend Emily and I wanted to bring her dad a homemade treat as a thank you for having me. I picked up a couple more heirloom tomatoes and set to work. I boiled the ears of corn (I would have loved to grill them, but alas…) and then shaved the kernels off the corn with a  knife. I separated the kernels, tossed them in a bowl and added diced tomato, cilantro, red onion, about a half of a small seeded jalapeno pepper, cumin, a pinch of cayenne, half of a lime, juiced. I did all of this by taste, so feel free to adjust the ratios to your liking.

That’s Emily’s hand in the photo. We all thoroughly enjoyed the salsa. In fact, I liked it so much, I made another batch last night for Johnny.  It’s a tasty way to use up leftover summer vegetables. Yum!


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