Olive Hummus

It’s been a slow week on the blogging front. I’m working on two magazine stories simultaneously, I had a touch of a summer cold earlier in the week, and I’m gearing up for my friend Heather’s wedding celebration this weekend. Whew!  However, there’s always time to make hummus. It literally takes five minutes. Plus, we had a lot of pita leftover from the takeout we ordered from Cafe Rakka on Monday night and I didn’t want it to go to waste. I made pita chips from it and then whipped up a batch of my usual hummus, only this time I threw some green olives and their juice into the mix. Wow! I really like olive hummus in general and this simple add made for a delightful dip. I used about a tablespoon of olive juice and a handful of small green olives. (I bet it would be good with black olives too.)

In addition to scooping the hummus up with pita chips, I also like to spread a thin layer of it on a slice of bread topped with turkey and lettuce. It adds a little spice to my sandwich. More blog posts to come next week, including a recipe for homemade pickles—if I can find dill seed, that is. Who knew this would be difficult? Anyway, I’m off to perform my matron of honor duties. Have a great weekend and congratulations to Heather and Jeff!


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