Yarn Market

When the weather warms up (it’s supposed to be 63 degrees in NYC today!) it can be hard to find the inspiration to knit. Yes, the spring temperatures make me want to find the nearest playground and plop myself down on the swings. There are few things more freeing than soaring for the sky on a swing set. But, I have two new little cousins about to be born in the next couple of months and I want to give them handmade gifts. (A, because I think people really appreciate it and B, because the thought of navigating Babies ‘R’ Us makes me want to run screaming for the nearest kid-free zone). To get myself back into a stitching frame of mind, I need look no further than my basket of yarn which is brimming with brightly hued wool. I’m starting a new hat and I love playing around with color combinations. Black with mustard and cornflower blue striping?  Oh the possibilities are endless. But first, I need to find that swing set.


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