Crab Cakes, Take 3

Johnny and I decided to cook dinner rather than go out tonight, so I picked up some steaks and crab meat at Whole Foods and  made crab cakes to go with our sirloin. This is the third time I’ve made the seafood cakes, using my friend Monica’s recipe, and while they always taste delicious, I have a hard time getting them to stick together. (Monica made them for us a couple of months ago and hers were perfect. Though I credit this to the fact that her dad owns a fish market in West Palm Beach, Florida, making her my de facto seafood guru.) Anyway, I used Whole Foods fresh claw crab meat, a little mayo, whole wheat panko bread crumbs, lemon juice, a pinch of cayenne pepper, black pepper and scallions (WF was out of chives.) I chilled the mixture for about 30 minutes before making the patties,  but I still had trouble keeping them together. No matter though. Shortly after this picture was taken, in my new All-Clad 10″ frying pan, we devoured them. Delish!


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